General FAQ

This FAQ page answers some of the more commonly asked questions from the ChimpySwap community.

Is ChimpySwap safe? Has ChimpySwap been Audited?

See for yourself:
  • Transparent:
    • We’re built on open-source software: our site and all our Smart Contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency.
    • Our contracts are verified on BscScan so you know that what you see is what you get: 1 2 3 4 5
  • Security best practices:
    • The chefs use multisig for all contracts.
    • We remove migrator function to gives you peace of mind.

How can I stake CHIMPY?

You can stake your CHIMPY in ChimpySwap Chimpy Jungles Visit the Chimpy Jungles page.
Read our How to Stake in Chimpy Jungles guide if you'd like a hand getting started with staking.

What is the difference between staking and farming?

Staking in Chimpy Jungles and treeing with Yield Treeing are both ways to earn more CHIMPY by supporting ChimpySwap.
Staking only needs some CHIMPY to be added to a Chimpy Jungle to earn CHIMPY or other tokens. Learn more about Chimpy Jungles staking.
Treeing is more complicated and needs LP Tokens to earn CHIMPY. Learn more about Yield Treeing

How do I use Yield Trees?

We have a Yield Treeing guide if you're interested in learning how to use Yield Trees.

Where can I view the ChimpySwap roadmap?

How do I connect my wallet to Binance Smart Chain and ChimpySwap?

We have a Connect Your Wallet to ChimpySwap guide covering this in detail.

What's the best wallet for ChimpySwap?

It depends on your needs. We have an in-depth guide to selecting and creating a wallet that's right for you.

Why is my transaction failing?

You can check the status of a transaction on
Our Troubleshooting Errors guide may have a solution for your problem if you're having issues.
You can also see our Fixing Stuck Pending Transactions guide if you have a stuck transaction.

When will you open more chimpy jungles?

New Chimpy Jungles are added to ChimpySwap frequently. There will always be an announcement before the launch of new pools.
Join the announcements Telegram group to learn about new Pools as early as possible.

Did Farm APR calculation change?

Previously, rewards earned by LP Token-holders generated from trading fees were not included in Yield Tree APR calculations. APR calculations now include these rewards, and better reflect the expected APR for Yield Trees pairs.

Where can I view smart contracts?

Learn how to find smart contracts on our Finding Contracts page.

Why does it say I have no BNB balance?

If you've already transferred BNB into your Binance Smart Chain-enabled wallet but still have this error, you're most likely not connected to Binance Smart Chain within your wallet. Check your wallet's selected network and make sure you have Binance Smart Chain (BSC) selected.

How do I vote?

To learn more about voting, you can read our section on Voting.

What is the max supply of CHIMPY?

$CHIMPY does not have a maximum supply. The circulating supply is managed through built-in burning and regular burning events. Read this to learn more about ChimpySwap's tokenomics.

What are the treasury funds used for?

The treasury funds are used to cover the expenses involved in running ChimpySwap. These expenses include salaries, audits, prizes, hosting, upkeep, bounties, etc.

Where can I check the Analytics?

You can check the analytics of ChimpySwap by click on the "Analytics" tab on the top menu or by clicking the link below.

Is ChimpySwap protected from flashloan attacks?

ChimpySwap's vault has anti-flashloan protection. ChimpySwap’s CHIMPY token isn’t vulnerable to flash loan attacks. Unlike vulnerable tokens, CHIMPY token minting is predefined, and can’t be adjusted in a single transaction.
ChimpySwap other smart contracts, like IFO and AutoPool, are protected as well; they prevent other contracts from interacting with them, reducing the scope of vector attacks.

What is LIANA?

LIANA was a part of the staking process earlier in ChimpySwap life. LIANA was discontinued when a security issue was discovered and is no longer a part of ChimpySwap.

I can't find an answer for my question. Where do I find an answer?

If you can't find what you're looking for in ChimpySwap's documentation, ask your question on ChimpySwap's official social media platforms and someone will do their best to help you out.