Smart Contracts

Find details related to the smart contracts ChimpySwap runs on.

Binance Smart Chain

ChimpyFactory: Soon The ChimpyFactory is the DEX contract which is used to create and track all pairs created on the ChimpySwap protocol. When a new pair needs to be created, this contract deploys a completely new pair contract specifically for these tokens and notes the address for future lookup.
ChimpyRouter: Soon The ChimpyRouter is an external, non-value holding, contract which manages different sets of interactions with the ChimpyFactory related to adding/removing liquidity and swapping tokens. Because this contract holds no value it can be upgraded without needing to redeploy the ChimpyFactory.
MasterChimpy: Soon The MasterChimpy contract represents the main farm contract which is in charge of distributing CHIMPY to treers staking on the ChimpySwap protocol.
ChimpyToken: Soon ChimpyToken represents the native token of the ChimpySwap protocol. This token is distributed to treers who stake tokens which are recognized by ChimpySwap's yield tree.
MultiCall: Soon The MultiCall contract is a non-value holding contract which is used by the front-end to batch calls to contracts.
LianaToken: Soon The LianaToken token is deprecated because there is a known vulnerability in the MasterChimpy contract that allows unlimited LianaToken tokens to be generated. As such, the LianaToken token is not acknowledged on the ChimpySwap protocol.
LianaMaster: Soon The LianaMaster contract is meant to be used as a staking contract for LianaToken tokens. As LianaToken tokens are not used on the ChimpySwap protocol, this contract has been deprecated.